MP3 Archives


Lucky Rosy (full), 1999

Thinking Under, 1999

Under the Stairs (full) 1997

And I’m Movin’ On (from “Under the Stairs), 1997

Saz and Cello (from an untitled collection, 1999)

A Good Lie (full), 1999

I Am A Beloved Clown, 1991?

Here is an oldie from 1999 for Jerry! I still play this song on piano almost every show I do.

…and here’s another

…and another before I go to bed

Here’s an old gem I completely forgot I wrote


The Bloodist (2006)

Let’s Make Believe We Matter (TESTS 2003)

Liner notes: I didn’t use any real drums or drum machines, it was an all scrap metal set.


      1. I understand, if you can great, if not no worries. I used to listen to it at night after work years ago and grew very fond of it. I’ll check out some other newer stuff of yours.

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